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Gelsemium semperivrens

Gelsemium semperivrens                                 Common name: Yellow Jasmine

Family: Loganiaceae


  • Indole Alkaloids (gelsemine, gelsemoidine, sempervirine & gelsemicine)
  • Iridoids
  • Coumarins
  • Tannins 

Medicinal actions: 

  • Analgesic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Febrifuge
  • Hypnotic
  • Nervine Sedative

Medicinal uses: 

  • Has a potent and analgesic action towards pain associated with nervous tension or irritability.
  • Of specific use for managing the pain of migraines and in trigeminal neuralgia, as well as symptoms associated with nervous anxiety such as anxiety, insomnia and diarrhea.


  • Indole Alkaloids (gelsemine) is a CNS depressant which acts similar to nicotine & cocaine (first stimulates neural function, and then depresses it, with an overall sedative effect)


Tincture: (1:5, 60%) 0.3 – 1 ml TID (or smaller doses more frequently).  Weekly maximum dose = 5 ml.


  • A highly toxic herb.
  • Sign of toxicity include:  internal strabismus with double vision and ptosis, muscular weakness, giddiness, convulsions, sweating, slowed, shallow and labored respiration, dizziness, dimished pulse, lowered temperature and blood pressure, drowsiness but easily aroused, intense abdominal cramps, paralysis, death from respiratory and cardiac failure.

Contraindications: In those with poor circulation a weak heart or CVD.

Interactions: None known.

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