Chelidonium majus

Chelidonium majus                                 Common name: Greater Celandine

Family: Papaveraceae

Part used: Aerial parts, root

Constituents: Isoquinoline alkaloids (sanguinarine, chelidonine, berberine)

Actions: Choleretic, cholagogue, bitter, anti-HPV, analgesic, laxative, diaphoretic, antispasmodic

Medical uses: For biliary insufficiency, prevention of gallstones, and common warts (topical). For liver/gallbladder problems (hepatitis, jaundice, hepatic congestion) and GI cramping.

Pharmacy: Tincture: (1:1. 45%), 2-4ml TID.  Dried herb: 2-4g TID. Infusion: 1/4 tsp/cup, infuse 10 min, QD. Fresh juice: topically for warts.

Contraindications: Biliary obstruction, hepatic failure, pregnancy & lactation (controversial)

Toxicity: Long term at high doses can be hepatotoxic and/cause skin irritation.

Interactions: None known.

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