Mitchella repens

Mitchella repens                           Common name:  Partridge Berry/Squaw Vine

Part Used:  Aerial

Constituents:  Tannins, saponins, bitter principle, alkaloids, mucilages

Medicinal actions: Uterine tonic, Diuretic

Medicinal use: Mitchella tonifies the mucous membrane of the uterus gently over a long period of time (greater than 3 cycles). Mitchella may also prevent spontaneous abortions in women with a prior history. Helpful in dysmenorrhea, PMS– esp. with water retention, prolapsus, leukorrhea, and in regulating the menstrual cycle.

Pharmacy: Infusion: 1/2 tsp/cup water; 3-4 cups TID. Tincture (1:5, 25%), 5-10 ml TID. Fluid Extract: (1:1, 25%),  2-4 ml TID. As a douch in an infusion form.

Toxicity:  None reported.

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