29 yo female with pneumonia

Case presentation: 

29 year female presents in your office with influenza symptoms that have lasted for over 2 weeks. Her symptoms include body aches, chest congestion, fever (38-39 degress celsius), night sweats, fatigue, no appetite and a wet cough that began 1 week ago that produces white-yellow sputum. Your working diagnosis for this patient is bacterial pneumonia secondary to influenza.

Treatment Goals:

  • Eradicate pathogen with antimicrobials
  • Soothe bronchioles with antispasmodics, expectorants and lung tonics
  • Support immune system with immunomodulators & stimulants

Herbs to Consider:

  • Hydrastis canadensis – antimicrobial & anti-catarrhal
  • Astragalus membranaceus, Gandoderma lucidum  – immunomodulating
  • Anti-catarrhals –

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