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A perpetual labour of love, this site offers an overview of the possibilities of plant medicine and is intended to serve the hobby herbalist, medical student and/or professional health practitioner as a relevant and reliable source of botanical information.

It would be very silly for anyone to use the word “complete” in relation to our knowledge in the field of herbal medicine, so please don’t let your herbal learning stop here. Herbalism is an ever-changing and rapidly expanding field of study, and my contribution here nothing but a forever-work-in-progress. A wholehearted ambition towards what I can only hope will be a lifetime endeavor in the sound use of plant medicine. If you see inaccuracies or omissions, please let me know!



Please Note: Much of the knowledge herein has been curated from only the most credible possible resources, with an emphasis on a Western Herbal approach and the works of the Eclectic Physicians, and modern Herbalists and teachers including David Hoffman, Chanchal Cabrera, David Winston and Kerry Bone. Pertinent details have been highlighted and all information taken from various sources has been organized and simplified in such a way as to facilitate ease of learning. Full references are available in my text book, and can be shared upon request.

None of the information on this site should be substituted for or interpreted as medical advice. This site only provides the basis for logical and holistic prescribing by compiling current information in an accessible way.

We’re constantly updating and improving the information this site contains, so if there’s something you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Thanks for Visiting and Happy Herb’ing!

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