Germanium maculata

Germanium maculata                  Common name:  American cranesbill
Family: Geraniaceae

Parts used:  Root & aerial

Constituents:  Tannins (up to 30%) inc. gallic acid; Resinous compounds.

Medicinal actions:  Styptic, astringent, vulnerary, tonic

Medicinal uses:  Geranium is an astringent, also hemostatic. Relaxed mucous tissues with profuse debilitating discharges; chronic mucous diarrheas; chronic dysentery; diarrhea with constant desire to defecate; passive hemorrhages; gastric ulcer.

Pharmacy: Decoction:  1-2 tsp/cup; simmer 10-15 min, 1 cup TID. Tincture:  (1:5, 25%), 2-4 ml TID; weekly maximum is 60 ml.

Toxicity:  Safe herb, however use with caution in people with spastic, dry constipation or people taking anicholinergic medication as it will potentiate smooth muscle irritability.

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