Lithospermum spp.

Lithospermum spp.                          Common name: Common gromwell, Stoneseed

Parts used: Seeds, aerial plant

Constituents:  Lithospermum acid (phenolcarboxylic acid); Naphthoquinone derivative (shikonin); Cyclitol (scyllitol); Cyanoglucoside-lithospermocide; Caffeic, chlorogenic and ellagic acids; Catechin-type tannins; Mucilage.

Medicinal actions: Diuretic, emmenagogue, inhibitor of pituitary gonadotropins (FSH and LH), TSH antagonist

Medicinal use:  Indicated in hyperthyroidism, especially secondary hyperthyroidism.  It will reduce TSH stimulation of the thyroid as well as reduce thyroxine production.

Pharmacy: Infusion: 1 tsp/cup water, TID. Tincture (1:5), 1-5 ml TID

Toxicity:  None reported, however this plant is an emmenagogue and is therefore contraindicated in pregnant women.

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