Prunus serotina (Wild Cherry)

Prunus serotina                              Common name:  Wild cherry
Family: Rosaceae

Parts used: Bark

Constituents:  Prunasin (cyanogenic glycoside which is hydrolyzed by prunase to hydrocyanic acid), benzaldehyde, eudesmic acid, p-coumaric acid, scopoletin, tannins, sugars.

Medicinal actions:  Antitussive, sedative, astringent

Medicinal use: The specific indications of Prunus are a continual irritative cough with profuse muco-purulent expectoration; cardiac palpitation, from debility; dyspnea; pyrexia; loss of appetite; and cardiac pain.  Prunus strongly sedates the cough reflex.  For this reason, the primary use for Prunus is to allay irritated coughs.

Pharmacy: Infusion:  1 tsp dried bark/cup, 1 cup TID. Tincture: (1:5), 2-4 ml TID.

Contraindicated: Pregnancy

Toxicity: Prolonged use > cyanogenic glycosides

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