Selenicereus grandiflorus

Latin name: Selenicereus grandiflorus                       Common name: Night Blooming Cactus/Cereus

Family: Cactaceae

Parts used: Flowers & young stems

Constituents: Alkaloids (cactine), flavonoids (isorhamnetin)

Medicinal actions: Cardiac tonic, anthelmentic

Medicinal use: A valuable remedy for the heart. Stimulates the action of the heart, increasing the strength of contractions while slowing the heart rate. It is prescribed for various conditions including angina and low blood pressure, and is often given as a tonic during recovery from a heart attack. The juice of the whole plant is also given to expel worms, and the stems and flowers are used in treatment of rheumatism.



Toxicity: May cause stomach upset and hallucinations

Contraindications: Should only be taken under professional supervision.


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