Creams & Lotions

Creams (Lotions)

A Cream or Lotion is an emulsion either oil & water, with the medicinal phases being in either or both bases. They are usually miscible with the secretions of the skin and therefore the active portion is absorbed by the body as well as working on the surface.

Making your own creams (for cosmetic or medicinal purposes) is a challenge well worth mastering, with an endless variety of ingredients to choose from.

How to make a Cream/Lotion:

  • Make an infusion or decoction with your choice of herbs
  • Heat herbal infused oil on low and slowly melt in beeswax
  • Cool both down and pour into blender
  • Whip until thick and creamy
  • Cool completely in fridge, then blend again
  • Dispense into jars and refrigerate

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