Lozenges are used to treat the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, and upper respiratory tract. They are usually a small flattened disc that be sucked on slowly, often imparting the medicinal actions of a demulcent, soothing expectorant, or antimicrobial effect.

They will often contain finely powdered herbs rich in mucilage, an emulsifier, water, volatile oils, and a sweetener of some kind such as honey.

How to make an Herbal Lozenge: 

1. Infuse 1 tsp powdered herb in 1 cup cold water overnight

2. Stir in sufficient herbal powder to the moist mucilage emulsifier until mass of proper consistency is achieved (note: exact proportions can’t be given because each herb varies in its ability to absorb moisture).

3. Add a small amount of honey along with the herbs (note: placing honey in the freezer first helps it to be less sticky for ease of mixing)

4. Remove a small amount and roll into a small ball with your hands.

5. Flatten the ball with your fingers or by laying on a surface dusted with powder of your choice (eg. Herb, sugar, coconut flour, etc.)

6. Spread lozenges out on a screen or sieve to dry for 2-3 hours.

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