Salves & Ointments

MarisaTomah-8An Ointment or Salve is a semi-solid preparation containing the plants medicinal properties in a non-aqueous base (oil & beeswax). They are not usually miscible with skin secretions and therefore act only on the surface being also occlusive and protective to the area.

Salves are technically somewhere between a cream and an ointment because the oil will penetrate the skin while the beeswax will remain as an occlusive layer. Suitable herbs would be vulneraries and demulcents, which are healing to chapped lips, and used on bites, stings, cuts, diaper rash or other wounds as needed.


How to make a Salve:

  • Place about 500 ml of an herbal infused oil in a heavy stainless steel pan and warm slowly
  • Add about 60 g of grated beeswax and when melted pour into containers
  • Add 3-5 drops of tea tree essential oil (or any other essential oil of your choice)
  • Let cool before sealing with lids

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