Vinegars & Oxymels

Vinegars & Oxymels

Vinegars are often used to promote digestion & support liver health. Vinegar is about 4% acetic acid, which will extract a certain amount of fat-soluble constituents. Acetic acid is primarily excreted via the lungs, kidney & skin and often acts as a mild expectorant, diuretic and diaphoretic.

A vinegar extract can be useful if you do not want to give any alcohol to the patient (eg. to a small baby or to an alcoholic). However, it will not keep as long as a regular tincture (about 3 months), and does not extract as many constituents either.

Vinegar is sour! And a disadvantage for some can be the sour taste. To cover the taste honey is often added, making an Oxymel (a preparations using both vinegar and honey). Honey in itself offers a wide range of health benefits, and as most of us know, a spoonful of honey can help any medicine go down! 

How to Make an Oxymel:

  • Decoct 30g of herb in 1L of water, simmer until 1⁄4 of the liquid remains
  • Strain and add 12 ml of vinegar and 120 ml of honey
  • Mix until it forms a syrupy consistency

Note: Are not well suited for aromatic herbs because the simmering will boil away the volatile oils. Also, choose organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother

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