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Lycopus virginicus

Common name: Bugleweed/Gypsywort

Family: Lamiaceae

Part used:  Aerial


  • Phenolic acid derivatives (caffeic, rosmarinic, chlorogenic, ellagic & luteolin)
  • Volatile oil
  • Bitter principle
  • Manganese

Medicinal actions:

  • Anti-hyperthyroid (anti-gonadotropic)
  • Astringent
  • Diuretic
  • Nervine sedative
  • Peripheral vasoconstrictor

Medicinal uses:

  • Reduces the symptoms of hyperthyroidism including agitation, insomnia, palpitations, and weight loss.
  • History of use in the treatment of Graves’ disease & toxic goiter characterized by diffuse hyperplasia of the thyroid gland 


  • Phenolic compounds may block TSH from binding to the thyroid and inhibit peripheral T4 conversion
  • Inhibits iodine metabolism and thyroxine release from the thyroid gland 


  • Tincture: (1:5, 40%), 5 ml TID; maximum weekly dose 100 ml
  • Note: alcohol extract appears to be the most efficacious preparation as it maximizes the amount of phenolic compounds (constituents associated with the anti-thyroid activity)

Toxicity: None reported

Contraindications: Hypothyroidism

Interactions: None known.

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