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Medicago sativa

Medicago sativa                             Common name: Alfalfa

Family: Leguminosae

Parts used:  Herba

Constituents: Alkaloids (aspragine, trigonelline); phytoestrogenic compounds (formometin, coumestrol); vitamins K, A, C and minerals Ca, K, Fe, Mg; saponins; coumarins, porphyrins, flavonoids, trace minerals, proteins.

Medicinal actions:  Nutritive, phytoestrogen, anti-tumor

Medicinal use: The isoflavones (flavonoids) are estrogenic and antibacterial (Gm.- bacteria).  Medicago contains many minerals and vitamins, and in addition, stimulates appetite and enhances overall nutrition. The action of Medicago on the reproductive system can be summarized as a restorative tonic.  Medicago is phytoestrogenic and its action is to restore the strength and tone of the digestive, kidney, mammary, ovarian and uterine tissue.


Pharmacy: Infusion: 1 tsp/cup water ; 1-2 cups TID. Tincture (1:5), 4-5 ml TID

Toxicity: None reported.



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