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Angelica archangelica

Angelica archangelica                                Common name: European angelica

Family: Umbelliferae

Parts used:  Root, seeds & leaves

Constituents:  Volatile oil (root and seeds), macrocyclic lactones, phthalates, coumarins, flavonoids, sterols.

Medicinal actions:  Digestive stimulant, astringent, expectorant, diaphoretic, carminative, diuretic, cholagogue, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic


Medicinal use: Stimulating expectorant and aromatic digestive tonic. Particularly useful for hypochlorhydria, dyspepsia, and bronchitis (especially when accompanied by fever, colds & influenza).

Pharmacy: Decoction of the root and/or seed; decoct 1 tsp for 5 min, 1 cup TID. Tincture: (1:5, 45%), 2-5 ml TID.

Contraindications: Inflammatory GIT conditions such as active peptic ulcers & gastritis.

Toxicity: None known. Excessive intake may cause photosensitivity.

Interactions: None known.


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