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Stachys offincialis

Stachys offincialis                                           Common name:  Betony, Wood betony

Family: Lamiaceae

Constituents:  Alkaloids (stachydrine, betonicine), betaine, choline, tannins, volatile oil

Medicinal actions: General tonic, sedative, anthelmintic, skeletal muscle relaxant, bitter, aromatic, astringent, alterative, circulatory tonic, carminative, mild diuretic


Medicinal use: Useful in the treatment of headaches secondary to muscle tension and/or hypertension that is worsened by anxiety.  A related set of indications is nervous debility associated with anxiety and tension. Stachys gently tonifies and strengthens the nervous system while exerting its overall relaxing effect.  Stachys has astringent and alterative actions, giving it usefulness in treating rheumatism and toxic conditions.

Pharmacy: Infusion: 1 tsp/cup TID. Tincture: (1:5, 45%), 2-6ml TID. Dried herb: 2-4g, TID. Poultice, mouth wash/gargle.

Toxicity:  Fresh leaves are intoxicating. High doses can cause diarrhea and vomiting .

Contraindications: None reported.

Interactions: None known.


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