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Gentiana lutea

Gentiana lutea                              Common name:  Gentian
Family: Gentianaceae

Part used:  Radix

Constituents:  Glycosides, Flavonoids, Alkaloids, Iridoids, Xanthones, Phenolic acids

Medicinal actions:  Bitter, Gastric stimulant, Cholagogue, Sialagogue, anti-microbial, antihelmintic, emmenagogue


Medicinal uses: Stimulating HCl acid and bile secretion. Tonifying to the digestive tract and should be considered for all persons who have weak digestion.

Pharmacy: Decoction .5-2 g/ 250 ml water,  1/2 cup prn. Tincture (1:5, 45%), 1-3 mls in 1/2 cup water prn, maximum weekly dose 40 ml.

Contraindications: Gentian is contraindicated in weak constitutions with nervous system irritability.

Toxicity:  If given in large amounts, Gentian will suppress the stomach, irritate the bowels, cause N/V, and bounding pulse with headache.


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