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Quercus alba

Quercus alba                              Common name:  White oak

Part used: Bark

Constituents:  Tannins (up to 15-20% consisting of phlobatannin, ellagitannins, and gallic acid)

Medicinal actions:  Astringent, hemostatic, antiseptic


Medicinal use: Quercus is used in the treatment of pharyngitis as a gargle, in the treatment of diarrhea as tea or tincture, and in the treatment of hemorrhoids as an enema, suppository, or compress.  Quercus is a strong astringent and antiseptic and a mild tonic to the tissues which it contacts.

Pharmacy: Decoction 1 tsp/cup; 1 cup TID. Tincture: (1:5), 1-3 ml TID. Powder: 1-2 g TID.


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