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Ruscus aculeatus

Latin Name: Ruscus Aculeatus

Common name: Butcher’s Broom

Family: Liliaceae

Parts used: Root

Constituents: Steroid saponins (4-6%): ruscogenin, ruscine, ruscoside, aglycones neoruscogenin, Benzofuranes: euparone, ruscodibenzofurane, flavonoids, coumarins, sparteine, tyramine, glycolic acid.

Medicinal actions: anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictor, anti-hemorrhagic.

Medicinal use: chronic venous insufficiency, edema (lymph), diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, hemorrhoids, premenstrual syndrome, hypertension.


  • Ruscogenins decrease vascular permeability to inflammation and cause vasoconstriction, reducing hemorrhage. The effect is partially on the venous system.


  • Extract: 0.5-0.1ml TID
  • Capsules: Ruscogenins 16.5-33mg TID

Toxicity: None known.

Contraindications: None known.

Interactions: None known.


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