Chionanthus virginicus (Fringetree)

Chionanthus virginicus                       Common name: Fringetree
Family:  Oleaceae

Parts used:  Rootbark

Constituents:  Largely unknown; chionanthin (hemolytic saponin glycoside), phyllyrin (lignin glycoside).

Medicinal actions:  Alterative, choleretic, cholagogue, diuretic, tonic, antiemetic, laxative.

Medicinal use:  All types of liver and gall-bladder complaints. Indicated in inflammation of the gall-bladder and gall stone gravel as it stimulates the release of bile. This action lends it its laxative effect.

Pharmacy:  Infusion: 1-2 tsp bark/cup water, 1 cup TID. Tincture (1:5, 25%), 1-2 ml TID.

Contraindications: Chionanthus should not be used in cases of impacted stones or malignant growths obstructing the duct.

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